D J Parkins Scale model kits

Our company manufactures scale model kits and detail sets to the highest of standards, using photo-etched brass, photo-etched nickel silver, cast metal, resin and cast brass.

We have been producing model railway kits and parts since 1976 and, since 1990, in the areas of model aircraft, figures, military vehicles and ships – and on this site you will find details of kits, detail sets and accessories that will help you in building the most detailed of models.

PLEASE NOTE – Our kits are NOT for beginners – many have large numbers of small detailed parts and assume a reasonably comprehensive background of modelling experience.

Within our company we have eight ranges of products:

Flightpath Models

Gunsmoke Models

Flightpath – a range of kits, detail sets, weapons sets, ground support equipment, buildings and diorama accessories for the scale aircraft modeller in 1:72nd, 1:48th, 1:32nd and 1:24th scales, with particular accent on RAF and USAF/US Navy subjects.  Flightpath includes the ‘Gunsmoke’ range of highly-detailed 1:32nd scale post-war USAF/US Navy detail sets. In Addition – the range now includes all of the 1:32nd and 1:48th WWII aviation figures that we have taken over from Dartmoor Military Models.

Firing Line Models

Firing Line – a range of mainly British Army vehicle kits in both 1:76th and 1:35th scales, together with British and US Army figures in 1:35th – and a dedicated range of British forces figures, weapons sets and accessories in 120mm/1:15th scale. In Addition – the range now includes all of the 1:48th WWII figures that we have taken over from Dartmoor Military Models.

Great Little Ships

Great Little Ships – a range of 1:72nd scale model kits and sets devoted to Royal Navy and Allied WW2 small ship subjects – from Flower Class Corvettes downwards, to Coastal Forces vessels.

Modern motive power

Modern Motive Power – a range of mainly BR-Period British ‘O’ Gauge/7mm scale railway locomotive, wagon and Mk.1 coach kits + detail packs, buildings and lineside accessories.

43two1 Models

ABS Models 43-two-1 Wagon Kits – these have a renowned reputation for unrivalled accuracy. With the acquistion of this range from the estate of the late Adrian Swain, we wiill be able to bring the entire range back to market – but as multi-media kits with up to date instructions. Meanwhile we are offering the remaining stocks of the all-metal 43-two-1 wagon kits and wagon accessory packs at very low bargain prices indeed.

Cavalier Coaches

Cavalier Coaches – we have also purchased this range of coach bogies and fittings from the the ABS estate and are selling off remaining stocks of the cast bogies and accessory packs at ridiculously low prices. In the longer term, these superb masters will be used in a new range of modular coach kits.


Wrightlines – Another purchase from the ABS stable was this much-loved range of O-16.5mm and O-14mm narrow gauge locomotive, carriage and wagon kits. Again we are offering what little stock remains in the original format at bargain prices. We will, in time, bring the entire range back to market – buit as multi-media kits and with up to date instructions.

classic commercial vehicle model kits

Classic Commercials – this top class range of 1:43rd/O Gauge commercial vehicle, agricultural, industrial and road mending vehicles was previously sold in the UK by the late and much-missed Bob Barlow, who sold it to ABS Models, from whom we have prchased it. We currently have a very smal selection of the lorry and van kits available, but over time intend to re-introduce and expand the entire range as multi-media kits, with updated instructions.

In addition, we have recently purchased the 1:35th scale kits only from the Roadcraft Models Range, originated by John Wilkes. This small but high quality range will be adapted and expanded, with the relevant kits added to our Firing Line and Classic Commercials products

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