A range of kits, detail sets and accessories for the scale aircraft modeller in 1:72nd, 1:48th, 1:32nd and 1:24th scales, with particular accent on RAF and USAF/US Navy subjects. Flightpath includes the ‘Gunsmoke’ range of highly-detailed 1:32nd scale modern USAF/US Navy detail and weapons sets.

If you like adding intricate and highly detailed assemblies to your plastic aircraft kits, and especially if you enjoy working with photo-etchings of the highest quality, we have something for you in our Flightpath Range.

If you like displaying your models in a diorama setting, and require accessories around them that are both accurate, and of equal detail to the aircraft they are posed with, then we can offer you a large range of kits and sets.

If you believe that weaponry is as important as the aircraft that carry it – then we have something else for you, as all the weapons in Flightpath kits and sets are fully detailed models in their own right.


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