120mm Soldier – Zulu War, 1879 [Isandlwana & Rorke’s Drift]

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This kit portrays a soldier of the 24th Regiment, Zulu War, 1979, and more specifically, at the time of the Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift battles.  The kit can be made in three formats – to depict a Rifleman,  Drummer [Bugler], or a Quartermaster-Sergeant.


The rifleman option is assembled using super-detailed Martini-Henry rifle, and a cast bayonet that fits [as per prototype], over the muzzle. The Drummer option uses the lost-wax cast brass bugle supplied and the Quartermaster option uses the head with the Glengarry cap. Full insignia and accurate webbing is supplied for all figure variants, together with three ammunition boxes.


We produce a Mealie Bag Set and packs of Additional Ammunition Boxes that can be used with this kit.




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