AEC Dorchester Armoured Command Vehicle

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These interesting vehicles were used as mobile headquarters by the commanders of armoured formations, and by the Royal Signals. They saw active service from 1941 onwards – including use in North Africa, Italy, and NW Europe. The body was of 12mm armoured plate on steel frames, and the vehicles weighed nearly 12 tons. The crew consisted of eight men, including the driver. Three vehicles were captured by the Germans in North Africa, with two being used by Rommel and his staff.


The photo, which we took at the Royal Signals museum at Blandford in Dorset [a visit to which is highly-recommended], shows a command post version of this vehicle as used in the Italian campaign. This would make a fascinating conversion project for this kit.


Re-tooled kit in cast metal and photo-etched brass with new step-by-step CAD instructions.


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