BR 16 Ton Spoil Wagon [ZHV]

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This kit covers Diag. 1/108 16 Ton steel mineral wagons – with 8 shoe clasp brake gear, twin vac. brake cylinders and brake force changeover levers and with no top side doors – AFTER they were passed to the civil engineer’s dept. in the 1980s and re-coded ZHV. They were used for carrying spoil and remained in service until 1994.

Because of the denisity of the spoil relative to coal, these wagons had rough rectangular slots cut into the bodysides to prevent overloading. As this would, in turn, sometimes lead to the load being spilled from the slots, some vehicles had sections of grille welded to the insides of the wagon, over these rectangular slots, to prevent this. This kit provides these grille panels as an optional fit and also includes sprung oleo turned nickel silver buffers.

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