1:35th Scale Ferret Hull Detailing Set – for Airfix Kit

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Completely New scale depth rear-hull radiator assembly to replace the two-dimensional over-thick one in the kit.


New Exhaust Shield with finely-etched grille detail.


New aerial bases, including the ‘Clansman’ bases, supplied with fine wire for the aerials.


Replacement Headlights, with optional mesh covers that were fitted when these vehicles served in Northern Ireland and some other trouble spots of the time.


Replacement Fire Extinguishers, Pick Axe Head and Helve, Jerry Cans and Stowage, Smoke Dischargers and an accurate shovel.


A late-period ‘flush’ central RH side central fascia panel overlay.


Finally, something that many of you have been asking for – an etched panel to cover to replace the hull/turret interface area, with a cutout to match the fit of both the Airfix turret and our replacement Turret packs.


All this in one super-value set.


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