1:35th Scale Ferret Mk.2/6 Vigilant Missile-Equipped Conversion Set – for Airfix and Firing Line Kits

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This large set provides a finely cast turret in resin, with scale wall thickness and beautifully detailed lower sight and upper missile elevating detail. This kit offers a finely cast replacement for the Browning machine gun and replacement rear and top hatches, with finer supports for the top hatch.


The set features finely etched blast screens with accurate grille panels and cast missile bin supports. The etched missile bins have a high degree of surface detail and have securing straps and carrying handles included.


The front ‘door’ flap on the bins can be modelled closed or open, to show the cast missiles inside. The doors and the rear covers are supplied with detailed securing latch assemblies.


Additionally, the kit comes with a missile Storage bin – modified from the one in our Firing Line Kit – to fit to the left hand hull side in place of the spare wheel. This bin has full hinge and latch detail and is direct fit onto the kit location lug for the spare wheel.

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