Heljan RTR Class 47 – A Comprehensive All-In-One Detail Set

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Cab Interior Set – Provides you with the rear cab bulkhead overlays with all fittings, which can be constructed, painted and glued to the existing blank bulkheads in the model. The set also includes new fascias for the control desks and levers etc. + new dash panels with laser-plotted films. Cab-shore phones and food heaters are also included together with new seats.


Body & Underfloor Detail Set – This set contains a complete new glue-on central underfloor unit that can be made to represent a loco with or without water tanks. Several roof details are provided, including overlays for the roof radiator section to model the ORIGINAL [as built] radiator grille arrangement + cab-shore phone aerials, window frame overlays [to get rid of the over-thick window problem] replacements for many details such as lamp brackets, windscreen wipers, buffer & buffer beam details, rear of buffer beam side skirts, works plates, Durbar door kick-plates, coupling rear plates, ETH mounting brackets [for use with the MMP ETH Equipment set – available separately], complete Snow Plough assemblies & more.


Class 47 Bogie Side & End Beam Replacement Set – This set supplies resin bogie sides that clip on the Heljan loco to replace those on the kit. These have the full springing arrangement accurately represented and are set at the correct depth in relation to each other. Accurate bogie end beams are also supplied in resin to replace the fictional arrangement on the Heljan loco. In addition, this set includes fully detailed bogie steps, optional axleboxes for slow speed control-fitted locos, and all brake linkage.


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