Internal Detailing Sets for Slaters Private Owner Wagons Gloucester C & W Co. 6 Plank Side Door

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A range of etched sets to give you full internal detail for Slaters Gloucester C & W Co., Charles Roberts & RCH open wagons. No more laborious scribing on of internal planking. These inexpensive sets are easy to use and provide accurate etched overlays for the sides, ends and floors [where these are not planked in the kit]. In addition they include top capping and capping fastening brackets, any internal strapping, load clips and in some cases additional parts for the wagon chassis. All bolt head detail is included.


Coke Wagon Conversion Set – in addition to the full interior set – these packs include all the extra mounting brackets and bolt head detail for adding the two wooden coke rails to these wagons in the form of the quality basswood strip – supplied with cutting templates.

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