LMS 22 Ton Long Tube Wagon – Diag. 2116

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This kit features the 300 vehicles of this type that entered traffic from 1947 and which survived until the 1970s. These wagons were easily distinguishable from the Diag. 1945 vehicles due to their ends being from corrugated steel. In this kit these ends are resin mouldings which locate between the sides on the wagon – so that there are no fragile resin corners are exposed.


The body sides are in three layers of etched brass, head together as per the prototype, with individually rivetted strapping, resulting in ultra-crisp detail. In addition, both the side doors open as per the prototype and the kit includes the top-capping, again prototypically held in place. A selection of finely etched builders plates are provided.


The kit has a highly detailed underframe, with all the structure faithfully represented. Sprung buffers and couplings are provided as well as individual leaf springs for the W iron/axlebox assemblies.


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