LMS 40 Ton Bogie Trolley – Diag. 6248 with load of Two Ships Propellers

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These wagons were built by Cravens in 1926 for carrying of specialist loads and lasted some way into BR days. They had eleven adjustable crossbearer stretchers plus load securing chains which are included in the kit. They ran on diamond frame bogies with bogie-mounted brake levers.


This kit features all the chraracteristic heavy rivet detail of the prototype and includes finely-etched loading instructions and telegraphic code plates, together with a selction of buliders’ plates covering all eight of the wagons built to this diagram. Sprung bogies with brake gear detail are included, as are couplings and sprung buffers. The kit includes wood for the two large timber baulks which ran the length of the wagon between the bogie centres.


This kit includes a very impressive load – two large four-bladed ship propellers – left and right handed, which would be mounted within the timber load baulks supplied in the kit and secured with the fastening chains which are also included.


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