LMS – BR Built 12 Ton Glass Truck – for 7mm/Fine Scale only

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We are pleased to announce two kits for this fascinating wagon, that together, span a service period off approx. 50 years. The LMS built a total of 66 between 1926 and 1947 for the transportation of large sheets of glass in wooden packing crates. BR perpetuated the design, with obvious buffer & axle box differences – BR Swindon building 50 of these wagons between 1955-61. The LMS-built wagons lasted until the late 1960s, whilst the BR-built wagons lasted well into the 1970s. The LMS wagons had three link couplings, whilst the BR vehicles had Instanter links. All were unfitted. These wagons worked in general freight trains, usually in twos or threes. They were sent wherever required by the major glass manufacturers.


These kits have all the detail of the real thing – full riveting, accurate chassis construction, all the load securing detail, individual leaf springs and springable buffers. The kit comes with a basswood bed and is supplied with a generous amount of strip-wood and templates to enable the construction of two large packing crates.


Images of completed wagon courtesy of Darren Sherwood-Jones.


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