1:24th Scale RAF Harrier GR.1/GR.3 Detail Set

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This large set contains cockpit and ejector seat assemblies, instrument panels and films, canopy framing and sills, plus engine nozzle, airframe and air brake details, ventral fuselage strakes, and many other items.


A new front undercarriage unit with resin nose wheel, together with extensive detailing for the main fuselage and outrigger wheels.


A full aerial/antennae fit is provided and two new gun barrels are also included, along with detailed fascias for the AIM-9 missile rails.


This set can be used in conjunction with our resin GR.3 Nose unit to either replace the kit in a GR.3 kit or to convert a GR.1/1A kit to a GR.3.


Weapons are available in the form of our BL.755 Cluster Bomb or our AIM-9L Sidewinder Missile sets.


We also produce a Harrier Display Set that provides a range of accessories for any diorama setting for your Harrier. And for an early-period Harrier in an ‘in the field’ setting, our PSP Planking set can be used horizontally under the fuselage wheels and in strips under the outrigger wheels.


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