RAF Tornado GR.1/GR.1A Detail and Weapons Set

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This large set includes all that you need for a fully-detailed RAF GR.1/GR.1A machine. Although originally intended for the Hasegawa kit it – pretty much all of the set be used with the any other Tornado kits available.


The set includes full cockpit detail, new undercarriage and jet pipe details, new resin nose cone, and many other airframe mods. and details. The set includes 2250 ltr. fuel tanks, Sky Shadow, Boz 107 & TIALD Pods, 2 x AIM-9L Sidewinders, a Linescan pod for the GR1A variant, 2 x laser-guided bombs, 2 x Alarm missiles and launch rails – plus 4 x 1,000lb GP bombs – All this in one super-value set


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