RAF Tornado GR1/GR1A/GR4/GR4A Detail Set

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Even with the release of the Hobby Boss Tornado kit – the excellent value Italeri Tornado IDS kit together with the use of this large Flightpath set, which includes everything you will need to turn the Italeri kit into a fully-detailed RAF machine, is still considered by many experienced builders to be the better option. The set provides cockpit detail, access ladder and many other airframe mods. and details. The set includes new wing pylon overlays, a BOZ 107 pod, a Sky Shadow pod, a FLIR pod, a Linescan pod for the GR1A/4A variant, two accurate 2250Ltr. fuel tanks, two AIM-9L missiles & more. Although we one of the aftermarket ejector seat options for use with this set there are many extra etched parts provided to help you in detailing either these units or the kit seats – including parts to assist in modelling the GR4/4A style NVG compatible seat head-boxes. Also included are laser-plotted cockpit films – All this in one super-value set

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