US Navy Missile Trolleys – set of three

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This set provides three super-detailed trolleys with a range of missile cradles. They are intended for use with the various missiles in the Gunsmoke Range from Flightpath – and in each case the missiles should be assembled following the instructions in the individual missile sets, noting that with some of the missile types they are assembled WITHOUT wings and/or fins. The trolleys can also be used with missiles supplied in various kits of suitable US Navy aircraft types. There are options to make up to two trolleys configured to carry AIM-7 [Sparrow] or AIM-120 [AMRAAM] missiles, and one of the trolleys configured for AIM-9L [Sidewinder], AIM-54 [Phoenix], AGM-84 [Harpoon] or AGM-88 HARM] missiles – ideal for any carrier deck display involving an F.4, F.14 or F/A.18 etc. Note – Missiles NOT Included


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