WW2 Single Engined Aircraft Fighter Pen – Left Handed – LAST ONE!

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These “Pens” or revetments were also built to a larger size for some twin-engined aircraft – but it is the version for single engined fighters such as the Spitfire or Hurricane that we have chosen to portray in these new kits. As you will see from the plan there were two pens [left and right handed] and these were mirror-images of each other, with the exception of the emergency exit at the rear – but this itself could be on either the LH or RH pen. For this reason both of our kits [for either the LH or RH version] are able to be assembled with or without the emergency exit. Obviously a Left Handed and a Right Handed kit can be combined to reproduce a pair of Fighter Pens as shown in the photo and plan. These etched kits include all the retaining walls and the entrances [both front and back] and corridors to the central shelter. In addition, the kits include a textured etched base for the concrete aircraft hard standing area and for the concrete tie-down points. As with our popular Blast Shelter kits we have not included the actual earthworks in these kits as this is best added using the usual scenic materials and so each kit comes with a scale floor plan template to assist you in this. We gratefully acknowledge the help of Mr. Paul Francis the author & airfield historian in the development of these kits and for use of these illustrations.

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