At Last – an accurate WW2 Control Tower kit in 1/72nd Scale!

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We are proud to announce this super-detailed kit for an accurate WW2 control tower. This kit represents the most common type of WW2 control tower by far and was used by all Commands of the RAF and on several USAAF airfields. The kit allows both pre-1943 [12779/41 – large front windows] & post-1943 [343/43 – smaller inset front windows] versions to be built.


The basis of the kit is etched brass – the kit features finely-etched rendering texture for all building surfaces and with all windows, sills, doors, veranda and other main parts fitted using slot and tab construction methods for ease of assembly. The kit is supplied with cast handrail stanchions and includes guttering, down-pipes and drain covers. An interior floor and wall is included for the main control room.


The kit does not include interior detailing. In addition – we have released a Control Tower Interior and Details Set for use with this kit.


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