1:48th Scale Westland Sea King Common Detailing and Conversion Parts – for Airfix kit

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Contains all the parts you need to detail the  Airfix kit, with the additional parts that were fitted to one or more UK variants. The set provides –

cockpit side window frames, plus windscreen wipers and mirrors

a complete replacement door winch assembly

a complete ‘common’ aerial/antenna fit

a finely etched sonar buoy hatch cover plate

‘bubble’ window transparencies and their window frame surrounds – needed for some other variants

a new port side fuselage strake

Replacement castings for finer versions of the under-fuselage transponder, lights and various other lumps and bumps

a full set of ‘Orange Crop’ ESM mountings and fascias for the AEW.2 and HAS.6 variants

This set has all the various aerials and parts you will need for a Sea King HAR.3 and additional parts for the HAR.3A, with the exception of the spine radome, already in the kit, or from the Flightpath alternative.

Use with the other sets listed in this category, as required.

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