RAF BAe Hawk T.1/T.1A Detail and Stores Set.

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This set contains alternative T.1/T1A cockpit panels and detailing, a vac. moulded canopy, sills, HUDs and other fittings, ejector seats with early and late head-boxes, wing flaps, a new nose unit, new fuselage hump and tail pipe, wing flap units and actuators, and many other airframe fittings, together with all the stores parts you could wish for – Matra Pods, CBLS 100 units, AIM-9L Acquisition Rounds, AIM-9L Missiles, a Red Arrows Smoke/Dye Pod, and a cannon muzzle.


Originally designed for the Italeri kit but 90%+ compatible with any other Hawk kits available – including the Airfix kits.


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